Poster for teaser video link of the back of Cloud.
E3 Teaser Trailer
Poster for trailer1 video link of the face of Cloud.
Playstation Experience Trailer









Images from the new game

First Glimpse of Cloud. First Glimpse of Midgar. Cloud Surrounded by Shinra Troopers. Cloud combat screen. Second Cloud combat screen.
Barrett Cloud off the train. Cloud and Barrett combat screen. Shinra Trooper transportation. Second Cloud and Barrett combat screen.
Two members of Avalanche. Cloud ducking to move through a hole. Midgar Street play. Cloud and Wedge  

Images from the old game on the PS4

Clound and Barrett Cloud and Barrett vs. Scorpion Flying Creature Fight Cloud Casting Menu
Learning to run Blowing up the reactor The past Sephiroth in Cloud's hometown All characters in a cavern